Cheer basics including stunt and ground bound pom teams, hand arm and pom motions, jumps, chants, cheers and cheer formations.



Includes many different styles from old school to the modern commercial styles you see in the music videos / award and television shows.


Many styles are included in this genre. Freestyle covers many styles including Bollywood, Latin, jive, rock n' roll, modern, disco and street dance. 


A variety of traditional Irish dances combined with the more modern performance style of Riverdance. Learn a variety of tempos and steps as well as building up the flexibility and strength required for Irish dance.


Ballet has a technique which is the foundation of all dance. This classical style has something to offer everyone, including a great way to keep fit and improve your flexibility, posture and co-ordination.


Jazz dance covers many styles including modern jazz, lyrical and cabaret. Learn strength and flexibility as well as the technique required to perform a wide variety of movements from kicks turns and leaps to fun combinations and routines



A fun and rhythmical way to keep fit - made popular by the greats of tap dance Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, tap is still as popular today.  Tap teaches co-ordination and rhythm and covers a huge range of styles from stage style to American tap.


Contemporary dance combines the fluid movements of jazz and ballet together to create a unique style of dance. Dancers strive to connect the movements through the body using all the elements of space and floor and music.  Private tuition only.